` Dance New England - Registration Form, Summer Camp 2018

Dance New England Registration - First Adult

On this page, we will ask you who is registering for camp, and get your contact information.

If you need to register more than two adults, there are two ways you can do that.

First, you can tell the registrar about the additional adults. The minimum information you need to get to the registrar is the person's name, date of birth, the calculated daily rate appropriate for that person, and the preferred attendance option. You can get this information to the registrar by email, phone, or by adding it to the comment box near the last step of this online registration form.

You can also add adults on this online registration form by identifying them as minors in the 'Number of Minors' dropdown box. As long as you enter the adults birthdate information, they will be treated as adults rather than minors.

Please register adults on separate forms UNLESS you are also registering minors or you plan to arrive and sign in with the registrar at the SAME TIME.

Who are you registering for DNE summer camp?  
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First Adult - Contact Information



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Cars and Transportation

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Emergency Contact

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